Our Four-legged Rascals

A baby and a puppy

The Plastic Bowl I enjoy retirement. Those busy days of veterinary work are behind me now, leaving me with a medley of memories to sort through whenever I feel the urge to entertain myself. Today my mind landed on this one: Dogs love to chew, especially puppies. They chew up furniture, kid’s toys, shoes, dish…

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Memories From the Heart

Two boys petting a brown dog

We are born with this wonderful capacity to bond. The bond is what animates life and infuses it with joy, but also with sorrow over times of loss. When I think of miracles, I think of bonding and I celebrate the gift we humans receive when we also bond with those four-legged companions we call…

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Pet Mentoring

A family and a dog

Living in the Moment In writing my book, Tails, I came upon the realization that pets are wonderful “wordless” mentors. My own two pets, Shilo, a yellow Lab and Bailee, a black and white Springer Spaniel, silently taught me about “living in the moment”. They helped me recognize I have a human condition called negativity…

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